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  • save on your power bill
  • kvar capacitor reduces electricity usage
  • save electricity with LED bulbs
  • solar power to save on power bill
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Because lighting can account for up to 40% of your monthly energy bill, upgrading to energy-efficient lighting can really reduce power costs, as well as improve light quality and minimize maintenance, such as the frequency of bulb replacement and mercury bulb disposal.  For spaces that are often left unoccupied, such as restrooms or conference rooms, installing occupancy sensors on indoor lighting is another effective way to save up to 30%. *

LED lights save energy

  • LED lights will dramatically reduce lighting electricity consumption
  • LED lights have no mercury and are 100% recyclable
  • LED lights are dimmable and can be used with motion sensors
  • LED lights last 50,000 hours+
  • LED lights emit no UV rays so they won’t fade your art work
  • LED lights qualify for federal tax deductions and utility rebates

Get a Complete Energy Audit!
Having your entire facility assessed is a great first step in
determining an approach to your energy savings plan. Lighting, HVAC,
chillers, refrigeration, water use-anything that requires the use of
power to function, is surveyed and evaluated. Being fully informed, you
can decide on a plan of action and where you wish to allocate
conservation dollars and efforts.
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* Statistics provided by Progress Energy